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Music, writing, poetry and visual art have always been an essential part of my life. At times of inspiration the words, melodies and images come free form; and at times become a necessity for a true life experience to capture them in song. I'm always driven to capture the "otherworldly" feeling I get when I "hear" and "see" the song for the first time.  I think this makes for an interesting palette of emotions and ideas. This writing style and my varied musical influences makes it hard to classify my sound as one particular genre. Most call it pop, others rock and sometimes folk.  My goal is to create something as beautiful as it can be and sharing/connecting though it is the ultimate high.

As a dual Australian/Canadian citizen I spent most of my early life traveling back and forth between Australia and Canada. At 13 I began studying classical vocal technique; later I won 1st place in the folk song category at a music festival.  Later I was very much influenced by Kurt Cobain and Radiohead which motivated me to learn guitar, which led to the beginnings of three older songs on my album Take It In.  After that I was on a quest to regain my "operatic" voice. My singing journey is about learning things that I once knew at the beginning.  Kind of like what our lives are about - remembering who we really are.  I learned to sing jazz while writing more of my own pop songs; some of which were also added to the album. One pop song called “What’s Up“ was placed on the MTV drama “Exes and Ohs” just weeks after it was recorded.  My album is an expression of things that happened to me in different parts of my life.  Hope you enjoy.  I look forward to recording new material when circumstances allow - the new ideas are more electronic.

~ Leigh

Take it in album photo shoot by Peter Holst





Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.

— Epictetus


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